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Title: Gender-Biased
Author: leejaehwa7
Fandom: EXO
Pairing: Wufan/Chanyeol
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Cross-dressing
Summary: Chanyeol doesn’t want to be a girl, he just likes dressing like one.

A/N: When EXO came out, I refused to get invested in another rookie group. When all their teasers were being released, I refused to watch them. All these people on Tumblr started reblogging their pictures and then I listened to their songs and heard their amazing voices and OMFG…I GOT SUCKED IN! I still refuse to choose a bias though…but I can’t resist Chanyeol at all and then there is Luhan and Yixing as well and ugh…I’m like in love with all of EXO-M and I give up! So, I just had to write something and KrisYeol appeared and this changed so many times that it may just be crap, but I finally wrote something! So please enjoy my first EXO fic :D

            The first day of elementary school rolled around and Chanyeol dressed himself eagerly. While standing in front of his bathroom mirror, he reassessed his hair, trying to make sure it fell just perfectly across the right side of his face. He looked to his necktie and realized it was crooked. Trying his best, he pulled and wiggled it, accidentally untying the pretty bow his sister had made for him earlier.

“Noona!” he called out, still worrying at the necktie. He wanted his first day to be perfect and looking perfect was part of it. He had to make a good impression and he couldn’t let the other little girls in the class outshine him in their new school uniforms.

            “What is it Yeollie?”

            “Noona, it came undone.” He turned to his sister with a pout forming on lips, showing her his necktie.

            She sighed, stooping down and retying it for the second time. “Why did you pull it apart?”

            “I didn’t mean to,” he whined, elongating the words. “It was crooked.”

            “Okay, okay.” His sister finished up and turned him to face the mirror. “How’s that?”

            “Much better.” Chanyeol grinned while patting his necktie and admiring the overall look. “Noona, how do I look?” He twirled once, skirt flaring up, then stopping to face his big sister.

            “You look perfect, just like a doll.” She quickly scooped Chanyeol up, hugging and squeezing and giving him lots of kisses. “I just want to eat you up.”

            He squirmed and giggled. “You going to make me all wrinkly.”

            “Alright, I’ll put you down.” She paused. “If you give noona a kiss.”

            “Aww, noona!” Chanyeol tried to refuse, but in his attempt his sister started tickling him until he gave in. “Fine, c’mere.” He placed a hand on each side of his sister’s face, squishing it the best he could before giving her a fishy-lipped kiss.

            They were always like this, especially since Chanyeol’s sister was the one who started it all. She had forced him to play dress up with her, making him the doll and giving him her old clothes to wear. The game was fun and Chanyeol enjoyed it more than his sister thought he would. In the end, dressing up became a part of Chanyeol’s everyday life to the point that he didn’t want to wear anything other than his sister’s clothes and even began demanding his own girly outfits.

            His family hadn’t realized how serious he was until school started and he insisted on wearing a girl’s uniform. Chanyeol begged and cried until he made himself sick and his parents gave in, which is why he gets to wear a brand new girl’s uniform to school. No one could tell Chanyeol’s adorable face no, especially not when he looked completely perfect after wearing his crisp new uniform.

He wanted the dark grey skirt with the matching vest and pretty white blouse that all the other girls were wearing. He kept his hair just above shoulder’s length, insisting that it could not be any shorter because he would no longer look cute. This length kept his gender ambiguous and it also made him extra adorable with the way it draped perfectly around his slightly chubby face adorned with those big round eyes of his. All in all, Chanyeol enjoyed looking like a girl and being called pretty. It suited him.


            Chanyeol became used to the common misconception of people thinking he was a girl because most of the time he was dressed like one. He couldn’t resist the bright colors and lacy dresses that only girls were allowed to wear. He liked the soft fabrics and pretty patterns that accentuated his fair skin so nicely. He liked playing dress up with his older sister and being able to wear her old clothes from when she was just an elementary student herself. It was fun and girly clothes suited him much more than the boyish ones his parents had chosen for him. They suited him so well in fact, everyone thought his family had two daughters instead of a daughter and son, and since his parents were too ashamed to correct anyone, people outside the family were allowed to believe that Chanyeol was a little girl.

            Honestly, his parents would sometimes forget he was a boy with how cute he looked in his sundresses and frilly skirts. His school uniform helped in no way to clarify his true gender, so when he first met his classmates, everyone referred to him as a girl and he was accepted into the classroom as one of the cutest girls in the whole year. All the boys adored him, thinking he was precious and perfectly charming.

            Chanyeol knew very well that not everyone would be as accepting of his secret as his parents, so he worked extremely hard to make sure everyone truly thought he was a girl. When it came time for the students to change into their gym uniforms, Chanyeol whined and pleaded, saying that he was extremely self-conscious until the teacher let him use a private bathroom to change in. Eventually the teacher was informed of Chanyeol’s secret, having thought all the while that the school records were simply mistaken when Chanyeol was listed as male, and understood all too well why he couldn’t change in front of the other children. Being an empathetic teacher, she made sure Chanyeol was protected because she feared that he would be gravely mocked for his choice in clothing considering what was proper for his gender. Boys dressing as girls aren’t exactly accepted in normal society. Chanyeol didn’t understand this way of thinking. Why was it okay for girls to wear pants and shorts, but boys couldn’t wear dresses and skirts? According to Chanyeol, girls were much luckier when it came to clothing options and he wanted the same freedom.

            In the end, the other students discovered Chanyeol’s true identity when he exposed himself by accidentally falling off of the playground slide and scraping his leg. In his terror, the other student’s noticed before he could cover himself properly. The shocked rolled through the crowd like a tsunami, taking over and destroying everyone’s initial love towards Chanyeol and turning it into something ugly and hateful. They called him names, teased him, pulled his hair, tugged at his clothes, and made him cry countless times. He begged his parents not to make him go to school, but that was out of the question because they knew this would happen eventually and it was best for Chanyeol to face reality now before his cross-dressing spun out of control. As much as they loved their son, they feared he would actually go on acting like a girl for the rest of his life and based on common knowledge they also understood that this hobby of his would only lead to greater problems in the future. It was best if Chanyeol just got over it now while he could still save himself from the humiliation this could cause him later on.

            Facing the harsh words of the classmates he once thought were his friends, Chanyeol continued going to school wearing his favorite girly clothing. He was determined not to wear those stuffy pants that all the boys had to wear. Each day he faced the reality his classmates brought him, that brutal honesty that society would give him for the rest of his life because of his decision to wear female clothing and reject the labels forced upon everyone else. His parents did nothing to assist him in his endeavor. They decided that if Chanyeol wanted to continue wearing girl’s clothes, then he would have to face the consequences himself. They promised to love him all the same, but this was a problem he would have to overcome alone. At the innocent age of six, Chanyeol learned how cruel people could be, but he also learned that not all people are the same.

            Covering his dirt-smudged face with his tiny hands, Chanyeol hid his tears caused by the jeering taunts of his classmates. Ever since they discovered his secret just days ago, they have been constantly teasing him, reminding him how unnatural his actions were and how ashamed of himself he should be. He was a freak in their eyes. Up until now, he had never thought of himself as something to be ashamed of; he just thought he had different tastes than everyone else.

            After being degraded relentlessly, a fellow classmate, someone who seemed rather standoffish, but in reality was easygoing and had always been nice to everyone, approached Chanyeol while he was moping in self-pity. Without any plans or ulterior motives, Chanyeol’s classmate stood in front of him as he sat hunched over on the ground trying to hold back sobs and said, “Don’t cry anymore.”

            Chanyeol pulled himself out of his misery for a moment, realizing a shadow was looming over him. The source was a thin boy, just a bit taller than himself. As Chanyeol looked up at his face, he noticed the small, thin smile that belonged to a fond classmate named Wufan. Sniffling a few times, Chanyeol rubbed at his eyes wondering if Wufan was going to be mean to him now as well.

            “Please don’t cry anymore,” Wufan repeated. “You look a lot cuter when you are smiling and laughing.”

            Chanyeol stopped rubbing his eyes, tilting his head to look up at Wufan again. “Really?” he asked hesitantly, wondering what kind of prank was going to be played on him this time once he let his guard down. He glanced around wondering if Wufan’s friends were watching on the sidelines ready for a great laugh during the show.

            Wufan squatted in front of Chanyeol and pulled his dirty hands away from his face, while taking out a child size handkerchief that matched the dark gray of their uniforms. Hesitantly, Wufan dabbed at Chanyeol’s eyes and rubbed at the dirt smudges on his face attempting to clean away the signs of their classmates’ cruel jokes. “Yeah,” Wufan smiled. “I think you look especially cute in your uniform.”

            Averting his eyes, Chanyeol blushed as a small grin curled on his lips. His hands gripped the end of his skirt, bunching it shyly between his crossed legs. Looking down he hid his face behind his fringe as even more tears brimmed in his eyes. “It’s all dirty now,” he sobbed.

            “Then let’s get you cleaned up.” Wufan stood, extending his arm to assist Chanyeol to his feet. “Sitting on the ground crying isn’t going to change anything.”

            Throwing his head back and staring up at Wufan, Chanyeol blurted out, “Why are you being…”

            Surprising Chanyeol, Wufan leaned forward, his face so close to Chanyeol’s that the boy couldn’t finish what he was saying, too shocked by the sudden closeness between them. Wufan’s face was close enough that their noses almost touched. Chanyeol’s eyes crossed as he tried to look at Wufan properly, refocusing enough to see that Wufan’s eyes held nothing but honesty and innocence. Reaching up to tuck a lock of Chanyeol’s honey brown hair behind his ear, Wufan whispered, “I think you’re really cute.”

            “You do?” Chanyeol accepted Wufan’s hand as he stood up, dusting off his skirt with his free hand.

“Boy clothes or girl clothes,” Wufan began while helping Chanyeol clean himself off. “I think you can wear whatever you want as long as you like it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

            With just those simple words, Chanyeol smiled all teeth and gums while laughing silently and crinkling one eye more than the other, tears still brimming all the while looking completely beautiful in all his uniqueness. In that moment, Wufan became a comforting presence in Chanyeol’s life. They were always stuck together, playing and laughing, completely in sync like two forces orbiting around one another, neither capable of being without the other for an extended period of time. Chanyeol was always at his best when he was with Wufan because just as Wufan had said Chanyeol could be anything he be and do whatever he wanted as long as he liked. Wufan also found that he was truest to himself when he was with Chanyeol as well. He had grown to like Chanyeol’s presence and friendship. They seemed rather compatible.

            Chanyeol and Wufan ended up getting into an ostentatious middle school. They were the only two from their elementary school to be accepted, which was lucky for them considering Chanyeol’s situation. Because no one at their new school knew them, they were able to start over and make new friends. Chanyeol still had to be careful about exposing himself, but he was also able to relax and everything went well for a while.

            He liked his new uniform. The dark burgundy plaid skirt was a nice color for him, especially matched with the knee high white stockings. Chanyeol also adored the new matching burgundy blazer over his white blouse. He thought his new uniform made him even cuter than before, but along with that cuteness came a new problem.

The boys reacted the way they originally did in elementary school, which meant Chanyeol had quite a few admirers and in middle school this can become a problem with all the hormonal changes raging through their prepubescent bodies. Boys constantly pursued him, but his closeness with Wufan deterred most of them even though they weren’t officially a couple. When people thought of Chanyeol, Wufan came with him. They were an inseparable pair.

Wufan’s demeanor was greatly different than his outward appearance, which came in handy because it kept Chanyeol’s admirers at bay. Everyone that didn’t really know Wufan thought he looked a bit mean and scary. His natural appearance, as beautiful as it may be, was still a tad bit frightening. Occasionally someone wouldn’t take no for an answer and it’s become a problem. Sometimes people in pursuit of love can become intensely crazy. Chanyeol found himself in the thick of this craziness when a student of the same year but different class continuously approached him asking for a date. Many times over, Chanyeol expressed that he wasn’t interested and would very much like it if the boy stopped pursuing him.

The boy being stubborn, continuously asked Chanyeol for reason why he wouldn’t go out with him because the fact that Chanyeol simply wasn’t interested just wasn’t good enough for him. He wanted a better reason. He told Chanyeol that affections can change and by going out with him, Chanyeol might realize that he really does like him. After dealing with many weeks of confessions, Chanyeol hit his wits end and in his frustration he told the boy that they couldn’t date because he was already taken.

This small declaration went around school quickly, securing everyone’s notions that Chanyeol and Wufan were indeed dating. It set a dilemma for the two friends. Wufan didn’t seemed to mind the rumors, but Chanyeol was in a frenzy about how to face his best friend. They had never really discussed their relationship status. Wufan had always just been the friend who knew Chanyeol’s secret and protected him. Wufan had always been the nice guy beside Chanyeol throughout the years. He had become that constant soothing presence in Chanyeol’s life. But now that the rumors were circulating, Chanyeol began thinking of Wufan differently, as something more than a friend. He wondered if they were capable of that kind of relationship. He had always been content with just having Wufan by his side as a friend, but with all of these new suitors attempting to take Chanyeol away from Wufan, he wanted to possess Wufan in a manner in which no one could separate them.

“Would it be a bad idea if I kissed you?” Chanyeol posed the question randomly one afternoon as they spent time together in Wufan’s room, alternating between listening to music, watching TV, and playing video games. It was just another Sunday for the two of them. Wufan was wearing loose fitting black shorts and a white V-neck t-shirt. Chanyeol had a cute, dark purple spaghetti-strap, knee length dress on because the late spring heat was almost unbearable and he wanted to stay cool by wearing as little clothing as possible.

            “Huh?” Wufan gaped, mouth hanging open in confusion. “Did you say kiss?”

            “Yeah.” Chanyeol nodded. “Can I?”

            “Can you what?” Wufan asked dumbly, still trying to figure out the situation.

            “Can. I. Kiss. You?” Chanyeol emphasized each word, turning and sitting up on his knees at the edge of the Wufan’s bed, staring at him sprawled out on top of the rumpled comforter.

            “Umm, what made you think of this all of a sudden?” Wufan propped himself up on his elbows looking concerned.

            “I was just thinking.” He played with comforter, tracing the triangular patterns of blues and browns. “Couples kiss and since I kind of told everyone that we were a couple, I was wondering if we should try kissing.” Peeking up at Wufan, he chewed on his bottom lip. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. It was just a thought I had,” Chanyeol added worried that he might have said something completely revolting. As caring as Wufan is, he is still a guy and Chanyeol didn’t want to do anything that would cause Wufan to think he was too weird or gross. Cross-dressing was one thing, but two guys kissing were on a completely different level.

            Chanyeol had honestly never thought of anyone in a manner regarding sexual attraction. Neither girls nor guys had ever beeped on his radar. Even though he dressed and acted like a girl sometimes, he was still clearly a guy and thought of himself as a guy. He simply liked girl clothes. He had once explained all this to Wufan in a very roundabout and confusing manner, but it all boiled down to the fact that Chanyeol was indeed very much male. He only acted like a girl in public. When he was alone with Wufan, his maleness came out with the only female aspect of his nature being his choice in clothes. It was all too complicated for anyone to really understand, even Chanyeol himself. But in all the confusion, Wufan’s constant presence began infiltrating Chanyeol’s mind with ideas of a different kind of relationship between them.

            Wufan watched as Chanyeol squirmed under his gaze. He didn’t mind the idea of kissing Chanyeol. Actually, the thought had crossed his mind numerous times over the years, but he was too worried to act on his emotions for fear of scaring Chanyeol away and that was the last thing he wanted to do with everything Chanyeol had been through. Wufan wanted to be Chanyeol’s friend first and foremost. Since Chanyeol was the one who posed the idea of kissing, he was happy to oblige and naturally agreed to the kiss, but he allowed Chanyeol to make the move, hiding his eagerness behind his grin.

            “You can kiss me if you want to,” Wufan agreed, lying back waiting for Chanyeol.

            Sliding to sit on the edge of the bed, Chanyeol hovered over Wufan, studying his face and wetting his lips before leaning in even closer. Closing the gap, he sealed their lips together, pressing every so slightly and moving only infinitesimally, eyes squeezed shut as he did so. Wufan could feel the heat from Chanyeol’s face grow with each passing moment and as he pulled away, Wufan smiled a bit wider in amusement. “Why does it feel like you just gave me mouth to mouth?” he teased.

            Chanyeol smacked Wufan’s chest completely unhappy with what Wufan had just said. “It’s not funny. That was my first kiss you idiot.”

            Chanyeol’s unhappiness didn’t bode well with Wufan. In order to appease him, Wufan placed his arm around Chanyeol’s waist and his other hand at the back of Chanyeol’s neck, pulling him in and leaning up off the bed to meet him halfway, kissing him a second time. With Wufan leading the way, Chanyeol could only follow the gentle motion of his lips and melt into the kiss.

The sudden surge of emotions was too much for Chanyeol who had to wrench himself away from Wufan’s grasp and place himself at a safe distance, covering his mouth and looking anywhere but at the bed in which Wufan was resting. The pile of dirty laundry in front of the closet looked far more interesting than anything remotely close to what was happening within Chanyeol, or at least he tried to think that way when he suddenly began clearing the mess and commenting on how dirty Wufan had let his room become. He wanted a distraction, he needed one or he feared that too much might happen all too quickly with no chance of turning back. He was suddenly afraid of himself and afraid of Wufan.

For a while they kept a safe distance from one another, but eventually Chanyeol caved in and Wufan more than happily received him with open arms and eager lips. In their last year of middle school, after seven years of close friendship, Wufan and Chanyeol officially became a couple and welcomed their high school years together. Their defined status easily assisted in warding off the new batch of guys longing for Chanyeol’s attention. No one could deny that they looked perfect together, like two fitting puzzle pieces or an even better analogy was be the earth’s relationship to the sun with Chanyeol as the sun and Wufan the earth. Sometimes they even seemed to switch roles, with Chanyeol orbiting around Wufan. Everyone agreed Chanyeol made for an extremely bright and beautiful sun though.

            “Wufan?” Chanyeol called from the doorway of the classroom during afternoon break, catching the boy in question’s attention and causing him to step out of his group of friends to stare across the room. The others turned to stare as well, giving him inviting smiles coupled with dangerous stares. Because Chanyeol had everyone’s attention now, his fingers subconsciously made their way to his hair, curling a lock around his finger as he tried not to fidget. He still kept his hair cut just above his shoulders. “I heard basketball practice was canceled for you today.”

            “Really? Thanks for letting me know.” Wufan watched as Chanyeol hesitated in the doorway. Even though Chanyeol had grown more confident in wearing his girl’s school uniform over the years, he still felt uncomfortable when all eyes were on him. He had become even more attractive over the years, turning all the boys’ heads and giving him unwanted attention.

            “Umm,” Chanyeol mumbled, crossing his legs as he stood grinning at Wufan, looking overly shy and innocent. “Do you want to go to the bookstore with me afterschool?”

            Wufan tried not to laugh at how cute Chanyeol was being. “Sure thing.”

            “She’s waiting for you Casanova,” one of the guys said, giving him a push towards the door.

Leaving his friends among the desks near the open windows and heading towards the door, Wufan felt the eyes of his friends watching him. Once he was close enough, he took Chanyeol’s hand. “If you keep making that face, everyone’s going to attack you,” he whispered. “Their like a pack of wolves during mating season right now.”

            Grinning all teeth and wide eyes, Chanyeol tugged at Wufan’s hand. “Good thing I’m already spoken for.”

            “Is there anything else you wanted?”

            Chanyeol shrugged. “Just felt like seeing you since we didn’t come to school together this morning.”

            Giving Chanyeol a one over, Wufan smirked. “I almost forgot how nice the spring uniform looks on you. I think your leg’s have gotten longer too.” Sidling closer, Wufan brushed his hand against the exposed skin of Chanyeol’s thigh. His navy blue pleated skirt stopped mid-thigh because Chanyeol had it hemmed in order to compete with the other girls when it came to being the cutest. “You should be careful. A few of those guys over there are definitely attracted to nice legs and yours go on for miles.”

            Swatting Wufan’s hand away and giggling into the back of his own, Chanyeol shook his head. “As if they have a chance with me, they’re all so short.”

            Wufan chuckled sitting back on the unoccupied desk behind him. “You would probably give them all complexes if they heard you talking like that.”

            “It’s not my fault they’re like that.” Chanyeol stepped in front of Wufan placing his arms around the other’s neck. “You know, I was worried you would end up shorter than me after I hit my growth spurt. Luckily, you hit yours soon after.”

            “Are you saying you wouldn’t like me if I was short?” Wufan feinted offense.

            “Of course I would still like you. I’m not with you for your height. It just makes things easier.”

            “Well that’s good, I mean, considering I’ve always accepted you just as you are, clothes and all.” Wufan tugged at the bottom of Chanyeol’s almost sheer blouse before placing both hands on the other’s thin waist. “You could at least do the same for me.”

             “Don’t even, you know I’ve always liked you, even during your awkward years when you had that horrible haircut and those awful glasses.” Chanyeol paused, cocking his head to the side. “Besides, you like the way I dress, don’t deny it.” Leaning in close, Chanyeol stared into Wufan’s eyes knowingly. “You like that I’m your ‘girlfriend,’ don’t you?”

            “You know,” Wufan paused, “You’re voice gets really deep when you whisper like that.”

            Chanyeol closed his mouth in surprise. Part of keeping his identity a secret involved masking his voice, which had become rather low during puberty. If he was going to dress like a girl, he couldn’t risk sounding like a guy, at least not around anyone other than his own family and Wufan.

Trying not to laugh, Wufan closed the small gap between him and Chanyeol. “I’d be okay with you being my boyfriend too,” Wufan whispered matter-of-factly. “I’m dating you, not your clothes.” He playfully swished Chanyeol’s skirt, pulling him in close enough for a kiss on the cheek. “I won’t deny that I like having such a nice view of your legs though.” Wufan’s hot breath teased Chanyeol’s skin as his words flowed out seductively.

            Chanyeol blushed from his cheeks to the tips of his pointy ears. Unable to face Wufan, he stepped out the other’s embrace and turned towards the door, coming out of their small confined circle he began feeling self-conscious again due to all the stares. “I’ll see you after school. Meet me by the gate, okay?”

            Wufan smiled to himself. “See you then.”

            Taking one look back, Chanyeol surveyed the classroom and smiled at Wufan shyly before returning to his own class.

            “Dude, you are so fucking lucky.” One of Wufan’s friends stepped up behind him, placing his arm around Wufan’s shoulders. “I’d give anything to have those leg’s wrapped around me.” He made a hooting sound right before Wufan elbowed him in the stomach stopping his breath.

            “Stop fantasizing about Chanyeol or I’ll get mad.” Wufan’s eyes narrowed as he glared at his friend. “Anyways, luck has nothing to do with it. You and everyone else should stop treating girls like their pieces of meat. That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend.” Wufan stood taking the few steps it over to the door before turning back. “Just so you know, someone like Chanyeol is way out of your league.”

            The other’s in the room guffawed as Wufan left. He walked down the hall towards the restroom and wondered how they would react if they knew the truth about Chanyeol. Would it be the same as it was when they were kids? Since elementary school, Wufan has done everything he can to make sure Chanyeol’s secret doesn’t get out. He doesn’t think Chanyeol would be able to survive another hazing like the one he had when they were kids. Even after Wufan helped Chanyeol and stood by his side, the other kids kept taunting him. Even after Chanyeol tried to show that he didn’t care what the other’s thought and kept wearing girl’s clothes, the jeering tore at him making him extremely self-conscious.

            With Wufan by his side, Chanyeol was able to put on a brave face, but he’s still worried about being found out again. He still has nightmares about his classmates hating him and thinking he’s disgusting. If it weren’t for Wufan, Chanyeol would have probably reverted back to boy clothes during their school years. He would have put on the pants he hates so much and worn the ugly, stiff shirts and ties their forced to wear as their uniforms. If it weren’t for Wufan, Chanyeol would have went through school miserably with only memories of hateful classmates and uncomfortable clothes.

            But Chanyeol has Wufan and vice versa. They share the burden of Chanyeol’s secret equally, both aware that other’s wouldn’t be as accepting of it, and at the same time, not really caring because Chanyeol’s happy wearing the clothes he loves while loving Wufan and Wufan just loves Chanyeol, with or without the clothes.

            As time went on, their symbiotic relationship continued and Wufan made Chanyeol feel completely normal in his choice of lifestyle. To those that didn’t grow up with them, they look like a regular couple, completely attached and happy together. Sometimes, Chanyeol forgot his secret burden when he’s with Wufan because being with Wufan makes him completely happy; Wufan definitely made sure of that.

They’ve been a pair for almost fourteen years, all through school and into university. Chanyeol ended up living with Wufan in an apartment not far from school, basically mooching off of him because he’s too lazy to get a job and doesn’t like cooking or cleaning much. If anyone watched them for an extended period of time, one could easily see that Wufan spoils Chanyeol in every way possible, creating a terribly needy princess, but Wufan has his own motives. He only wants Chanyeol to be happy and to be able to see his smiling, laughing face as much as possible. Wufan doesn’t think he will be able to control his anger if people Chanyeol once considered friends brought him to tears again. Wufan doesn’t think Chanyeol can face that kind of betrayal again and come out only feeling self-conscious like he did when he was a child. He knew that if this happened again, Chanyeol would definitely be hurt worse than ever, completely depleted of any confidence and filled with self-loathing. Even though Chanyeol doesn’t show his fear outright, Wufan has seen the worry in Chanyeol’s eyes and the results of hateful words and actions when Chanyeol clings to him at night afraid to sleep alone from fear of the nightmares. Living with Chanyeol has mad it more apparent to Wufan just how affected he was by the bullying and the fear he has of being bullied further.

The fact that Chanyeol has subdued his worries about being found out in order to continue wearing the clothes he loves so much only shows how strong he is on the inside. It may seem like something so simple and insubstantial to others, but to Chanyeol, it means a great deal, going against society and the norm. He could simply put on a pair of pants and accept the role that society has laid out for him, due to his being born a male, but it takes so much more to reject those pants and wear a dress while refusing to stand by the terms that so many others have accepted for centuries. That one little action of choosing a flowing, flowery sundress over a pair of khaki’s and a polo has made his life drastically different and will continue to make it different as long as he decides to keep on wearing what are considered feminine clothes. It’s courage that Chanyeol needed and Wufan was the only one capable of giving it to him and has continued giving it to him over the years. It’s just one of the reasons they are so compatible. Being able to fill in the gaps that the other person’s missing is what makes their relationship so incredible. It’s always been like this, right from the beginning.

            Coming in from a long day of classes, Wufan shucked his shoes off at the door and slid his socked feet sluggishly across the floor and into the living room. He placed his bag on the floor at the end of the couch; it had grown increasingly heavy over the last few weeks because of research materials for his exams. He sunk to the floor himself in front of Chanyeol who had remained on the couch, lying on his stomach and staring at the television while flipping through the channels.

            “What have you been up to all day?” Wufan tilted his head back, lightly brushing against Chanyeol’s arm.

            “I studied some earlier, but then I got bored because you weren’t here to help me with the things I couldn’t understand.” Chanyeol mumbled because his mouth was mashed against his hand as it held up his head. He rolled to his side, brushing his fingers through Wufan’s somewhat sweaty hair.

            “You’re lucky. You didn’t have to go out in the heat today. I feel like my clothes have undergone osmosis and are now permanently attached to my skin.”

            Chanyeol laughed, burying half of his face into the plush cushion of their couch. “Is it that bad?”

“I swear I saw a plastic bottle melted to the sidewalk out front.”

            Wufan turned, propping his arm up on the side of the couch staring at Chanyeol. The coolness of the floor felt nice against his bare legs, but he could feel them starting to stick and knew he would have to peel them off later, maybe even get Chanyeol to find the biggest spatula they had to assist him. Thinking of spatulas, Wufan’s mind went to the kitchen and then food. He hadn’t eaten since their early breakfast and it was already almost time for dinner.

            Laying his head on the sofa cushion, Wufan sighed tiredly. “I’m starving. What’s for dinner?”

            “Whatever you decide to make.” Chanyeol gave an innocent smile, batting his eyelashes like he does every other time he wants something from Wufan or attempts to get out of doing work.

            “You’ve been home all day and you knew I’d be late. You could have at least had dinner ready.” This was definitely not the first time Wufan had made note of Chanyeol’s laziness, even though he was partially the cause of it for always doing everything for Chanyeol.

            “You know I can’t cook.”

            Wufan huffed. “It would be nice if you at least tried sometimes. I’d like to come home and not have to worry about cooking and cleaning. You have fewer classes than I do and you don’t work, you could at least take care of the housework.”

            “What? Like some kind of housewife?” Chanyeol sounded offended.

It’s not like he didn’t already know how Chanyeol could be, but sometimes the little princess inside of Chanyeol really shocked Wufan. They stared at one another before Wufan pushed himself up off the floor and grumbled. “You dress the part well enough.”

            Jerking his head up, Chanyeol watched as Wufan entered the kitchen. “What did you just say?”

Wufan had struck a nerve and he knew it, but the heat had been beating down on him all day and classes were long and work was even longer and he was exhausted. He didn’t feel like standing in front of a hot stove and takeout wasn’t pleasing enough for how much money it was taking out of his account. Was it so bad to hope for a homemade meal when he got home?

“I said,” Wufan pivoted, standing in the doorway that leads into the kitchen. “You dress the part well enough.”

Chanyeol gritted his teeth ready to explode. “Just because I like wearing feminine clothes doesn’t mean I suddenly have feminine genes. Besides, not all girls are good at cooking. That’s an extremely gender-biased statement, Wufan. I never knew you could be so pigheaded.” He stood from the couch, dropping the remote from his lap to the floor. The sound echoed in the silence left after his words.

“You know I didn’t mean it that way.”

“It sure sounded like it.” Chanyeol crossed his arms over his chest and seethed. “I’m sorry! I can’t be the homemaker you want. I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not.”

“I’m not asking you to be a homemaker. I just want you to be a bit more considerate to the fact that I work for both of us!”

“Who asked you to?”

“If I don’t do it, who will?” Wufan grew even more agitated. “You? Are you going to work? Are you going to pay the bills?”

“Wufan!” Chanyeol screamed in shock. “You’re being a jerk right now!”

“And you’re a spoiled brat,” Wufan countered.

They stared at one another for a few moments, biting back comments they would both regret, until Chanyeol couldn’t handle the tension. Picking up one of the decorative pillows he had bought to add color to the room, he threw it at Wufan annoyed. “Who was the one that made me this way?”

Catching the pillow easily, Wufan threw it back at Chanyeol. “Fine! It’s my fault. I guess I was being to damn considerate by taking care of you. My bad for loving you enough to do that!”

Not wanting to hear anymore of Chanyeol’s idiocy and not wanting to argue further, Wufan disappeared into the kitchen banging cupboards and pans as he decided what to make for dinner. Chanyeol remained motionless in the living room still clutching the pillow that Wufan had thrown at his face trying to figure out what just happened. Pulling the small round pillow to his chest, he sank to the couch wondering if he had really been selfish enough to push Wufan to his limit.

He always thought that Wufan liked that side of him because he had always been that way, needy, selfish, and dependent. It was always Wufan’s choice to take care of him; he never asked for such kindness and care. If Wufan was willing to take Chanyeol’s worries away, then Chanyeol wasn’t going to deny him the pleasure of doing so, but maybe he let it go too far over the years by being too dependent upon Wufan. What confused Chanyeol the most was how happy Wufan seemed to be as he took care of him by cooking and cleaning and babying him to the extent that Chanyeol came to expect those actions and even demand them himself. He loved how contented Wufan seemed to be while cooking Chanyeol’s favorite dishes. Even so, Chanyeol’s bratty actions were only reactions to the love that Wufan showed him.

During Chanyeol’s moments of contemplation, Wufan began cooking their dinner, which smelt of spicy curry and heated the relatively cool apartment. Chanyeol could tell he would end up sweating a great deal during dinner and not just because of the awkward atmosphere between them at the moment.

Still clutching the pillow as a security device, Chanyeol shuffled slowly towards the kitchen wondering how best to apologize to Wufan for their argument. He peeked into the kitchen, eyeing Wufan’s back as he stood before the stove checking the contents as they simmered away.

“Food’s done,” he stated after some time, startling Chanyeol.

“Oh,” he stammered, grabbing the pillow even tighter and squishing it even more out of shape. “Okay.”

Wufan continued preparing the dishes silently and setting the table. Chanyeol cautiously moved into the kitchen and situated himself in his regular spot, holding the pillow in his lap. Once Wufan was almost finished placing everything on the table, Chanyeol noticed that there was only one place setting before him. A bowl of rice was put in front of Chanyeol before Wufan removed his apron, the one Chanyeol had purchased as a gag Valentine’s gift. Instead of sitting at the table with Chanyeol, Wufan headed towards the door.

“You’re not eating?” Chanyeol looked from the table of food over to Wufan.

Without turning around, he replied, “I’m hot and sweaty. I’m going to take a shower.”

“But…” Chanyeol grew silent at the sight of Wufan’s retreating back. He was still very much angry with Chanyeol. Wufan was like a pot that had suddenly boiled over after being overly heated and then placed on simmer. He rarely lashed out at Chanyeol, which made this moment all the more scary and worrisome.

As Wufan washed up, Chanyeol remained at the table simply staring at his meal wondering if Wufan was really, truly angry with him. He couldn’t stomach the food much less the idea that Wufan was honestly upset by Chanyeol’s actions. He really wasn’t sure of what to do with himself, so he just continued sitting and hoping that during that shower Wufan would calm down and they could speak rationally to one another.

Wufan hovered over the end of the table, hair still damp with his towel draped around his neck to catch the excess from dripping all over his shirt. He stared at Chanyeol’s full plate of food. “Why didn’t you eat?”

Chanyeol shrugged, not catching Wufan’s eye. “It doesn’t taste good.”

“What?” Wufan reached over, taking Chanyeol’s spoon to taste the food yet again. It was chilled, but still nonetheless tasty. “It tastes fine to me.”

“No to me.” Sighing, Chanyeol hung his head, staring at the congealing curry on his plate. “Food never tastes good when you’re mad at me.”

“What are you…”

“Because I can taste how unhappy you were when you made it.” As crazy as it sounded, Chanyeol believed it to be true.

“You’re being ridiculous.”

“I’m not. I’m being serious.” Chanyeol shuddered on the verge of tears. Tightly holding on to the pillow in his lap, he began apologizing for everything, for being lazy, needy, and inconsiderate. He told Wufan how much he loved him and feared losing him. He didn’t want to argue about these things anymore. He wanted Wufan to understand that he was greatly appreciated and Chanyeol never meant to take any of his actions for granted. “I thought you loved taking care of me. You always looked like you enjoyed doing everything, so I just let you do it. I’m sorry if it seemed like I didn’t care.” Chanyeol stared into his lap the entire time he spoke, too afraid to face Wufan.

Of all the reactions Wufan could have had to Chanyeol’s rant, he never expected Wufan to laugh wholeheartedly at his confession. Chanyeol stared at him wide-eyed and confused. “What’s so entertaining?”

“I’m sorry,” Wufan choked out. “It’s just…you just look so cute right now.”

“Wufan, I’m being serious.”

“I’m sorry.” Taking a deep breath and reaching over to touch Chanyeol’s arm just above his elbow, Wufan smiled. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get mad at you or laugh at you. I shouldn’t have taken out my frustrations on you. Today was just extra long and hot.” Wufan gave his arm a squeeze. “I’m not mad at you. I promise you I’m not.”

Frowning and wrinkling his brow, Chanyeol huffed sadly. “But everything you said was true.”

Wufan reached up to caress the side of Chanyeol’s face, attempting to smooth out his brow with his thumb. “You’re right, they were true.” Wufan chuckled lightly as Chanyeol scrunched his face ashamed with himself. “Even if those qualities annoy me sometimes, I still love those parts of you.”


In Wufan’s eyes, Chanyeol had reverted back to that adorable six-year-old he saved on the playground so many years ago. He looked confused, upset, and absolutely beautiful and Wufan couldn’t resist him. Standing up so he could lean over the corner of the table, Wufan cupped Chanyeol’s proportionally less chubby cheek, giving it a light kiss. “Will you forgive me?” he whispered.

“I would if there was something for me to forgive.” Chanyeol grabbed the front of Wufan’s shirt, pulling him close. “But right now, I need you to kiss me again.”

Obliging Chanyeol, Wufan gave him another kiss, a little longer and on the lips this time. Chanyeol kept his eyes closed as they pulled away from one another grinning. “I think I need another one,” he said and Wufan obliged yet again by kissing him fiercely. “Maybe one more,” Chanyeol breathlessly pleaded after their third kiss.

This time Wufan slid around the table before kissing Chanyeol until he was pressed into the back of his chair, head tilted back at a ninety degree angle with Wufan fisting his hair and keeping them locked together until neither of them could handle the lack of air. “You’re still as needy as ever,” Wufan sighed. Trailing kisses down Chanyeol’s cheek to his ear, while his hot breath warmed Chanyeol’s already blushing skin, tickling him and making him laugh softly, breathlessly.

“Only because it’s you.” Chanyeol rose from his seat still gripping the front of Wufan’s shirt. “I think I’ve worked up an appetite.”

“Then let’s eat.”

“Okay.” Chanyeol tugged on his shirt, leading Wufan towards the door.

“Where are you going? The food is over there.” Wufan struggled, confused by the situation.

Standing in front of his lover, Chanyeol grinned from ear to pointy ear, that signature smile of his. “I think I need something a little more nutritious than food right now.”

Wufan’s eyebrows rose disappearing behind his fringe, realization crossing his face. “Oh!”

“Yeah,” Chanyeol breathed out. “You know that package I got in the mail the other day, I’ve been waiting for the right time to wear it for you.” Walking his fingers up Wufan’s chest, Chanyeol smirked. “It white, lacey, see-through, and perfect for makeup sex.”

“Oh, really.” Wufan scooped up Chanyeol, holding him bridal style and whisking him away into their bedroom as Chanyeol giggled and squirmed in his arms. He planned to sate Chanyeol’s appetite for his body as much as possible, maybe even all night if that’s what it took until they were both happily full of one another. It was times like these that Wufan fully appreciated Chanyeol’s love for women’s clothing.

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Aww you have no idea, how much I enjoy this fic~
I saw predebut!chanyeol crossdressing, if he didn't open his mouth, and those slightly muscular arms, he would have been mistaken as a girl. He's definitely cute!

Awww...I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :D

Lol...I actually didn't look up any pics of him cross-dressing until I saw your comment. I just kind of imagined it. I agree that Chanyeol would make a very cute girl and while I was writing this, I realized I needed to mention things like masking his voice and such because he has some very masculine features.

He's so pretty though <3 Thanks for reading

Oh this is gold.

Wufan is a gorgeous and domestic being I'd also wanna have in my life TYVM OTL

I really don't know how you did it because I've never been one for stories involving cross-dressing(long-term cross-dressing for that matter) but it's so beautifully written ; u ;

I love how you make Chanyeol's habit seem normal and ugh lovable.

“Because I can taste how unhappy you were when you made it.” As crazy as it sounded, Chanyeol believed it to be true.

This part fascinates me,to be honest,because it just seems pretty natural for Chanyeol to say that.As if he's not undergoing just a cross-dressing phase but doing what he really loves.In a way,it reflects his eccentric behaviour,I guess.You know what I mean? XD

Ah,I don't know what I'm saying anymore (too much feels) but I really hope this fic will not be your last exo fic,dear.

Thank you so much sweetie,I enjoyed this~ ♡

OMG...I don't know how I did it either. This was my first long-term cross-dressing fic and with a new couple/group...I went through many phases of considering this whole thing being crap.

Wufan just seemed like the perfect person to protect and befriend Chanyeol considering he is just so nice and loving even though he looks cold on the outside. He is so beautiful.

I tried to make the cross-dressing believable and I imagined Chanyeol being the type to just naturally do something and think everyone else is crazy for not taking part in it. He just does and says what he likes. He's a very happy person that way xDDD

Awww...you mentioned one of my favorite parts!

I hope to write more EXO as well and I'm happy you enjoyed this so much <3 Thank you for reading <33333

remember me?sorry i've been busy and well lots of things happen...btw this fics is so lovely and cute...keep writing...

Of course I remember you! :D It's been a while. I understand, I've been a bit busy too. Hope you are doing well and I'm glad you had time to read this. I had mixed feelings about this fic, so I'm happy you liked it.

omg omg omg omg omg

my heart for cross dressing au is going to explode because of this

first and foremost, thank you for writing this adorable fic.

i've always been fond of cross dressing au, and i always think chanyeol is perfect as a cross dresser, he looks good in girly clothes you know, we all know. and then kris is perfect for chanyeol therefore your fic is flawless as fuck adsjfkadsjfk

i really love how chanyeol just loves wearing girls' clothes, not being a girl. he's special that way, he doesn't wear what people put on him, he refures being the one people want him to be,disobeys normal social standards, finds his own way of living happily. he's a normal guy, just with special hobbies. and i do agree, girls wearing menswear are cute tomboys but boys wearing dresses are gay and abnormal and disgusting?? just wtf.

kris is just too precious. 'nuff said.

i really like how that masking things are mentioned too. and the highschool part is absolutely my favourite.

thank you and love you, dear.


Considering this is my first cross dressing au fic and my first KrisYeol...I'm glad you really liked it so much. :DDD

But seriously...KrisYeol are like completely beautiful together!

When I started writing this, I never wanted to make Chanyeol a girl...he is just too perfect a man to be made a girl...I just wanted him to wear pretty dresses and make him special. Plus I was thinking everything you said...it's okay for girls to wear guy clothes but not the other way around and that just isn't right at all. And I figured Kris would make a perfect boyfriend for Chanyeol who is going through all these hard times.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting <333
And I think the high school part is my favorite as well xD

speaking of it, seems like all of us wanna have chanyeol as a doll stuff so that we can buy him pretty frilly floral clothes and help him changing everyday,no, every hour. crying. this is impossible. going to buy a doll tomorrow and name him/her chanyeol.

anw, keep your muse with your soul and write more in the future, especially cross dressing au fics!! xD xD xD

"I'd give anything to have those legs wrapped around me." Me too bro!

UGHHH...me toooo! Chanyeol's legs are beautiful!!

ugh, this was beautiful beyond words.
i believe in self identification and i love how chanyeol regarded himself as a man despite the feminine clothing. i think kris in this fic is hands down the most perfect boyfriend.
just. UGH

OMG...Thank you so much!
I really didn't want to make Chanyeol a girl...I just think he looks cute and I just wanted him dressed like a girl. Kris just seems so caring and sweet...he made the perfect choice for boyfriend.
I'm glad you liked it...thanks for reading <333

OMGGG that was the best KrisYeol fic ever 8DD very sweet with a hint of mature scene at the end :D. hahahaha. Keep up the great work. How I wish this piece has a sequel xD.

WOW...lol...thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I'll consider writing a sequel...I've already thought about it ;)

Thanks for reading <3

domestic!wufan is THE CUTEST, okay.
also cross dressing chanyeol makes me happy in ways that i could never hope to explain.
thank you so much for sharing!

I imagine Wufan takes great care of all the kids when they are together ;D
And Chanyeol cross dressing makes me happy too...hehehe
thanks for reading and commenting ^__^

Awwwwww, just beautiful!!!
Chanyeol would be a stunning woman, those legs, OMG!!!
Wufan is the perfect man in this story, and they make a perfect couple :,D
In case you didn´t notice, I completely loved the story ♥

Chanyeol's legs are lovely :D
And I agree...Wufan is perfection!
They looks so cute and tall together makes me jealous
I'm glad you loved it <33

i just totally felt the consideration in the tone of this fic
like how chanyeol couldn't help but be who he is
and that sometimes society is so incredibly mean
and wufan who was by his side the whole time. he gets frustrated too, of course.
and i really enjoyed reading about other people seeing them as a couple automatically
but man. man. the way you characterized chanyeol. /woooow


This was a very long oneshot but not a second did I ever want to pull away from it. I love Chanyeol's and Kris' chemistry in this, unlike the cliche 'awkward and no-we-shouldn't-but-fuck-it', Kris simply grinned and welcomed him when chanyeol first asked to try kissing. I also like the fact that you made them face troubles and consequences head on, that is : chanyeol facing the harsh reality of people towards crossdressing at the age of six, and kris having to deal with the lazy, spoilt chanyeol that he had created later when they grew up. The characterization was also done very well, especially on kris' part. As angelic as he looks, I appreciate more when authors make Kris actually 'human' by making him able to be angry and brutally honest for real. It's very refreshing.

Not yet mentioning that this was also very beautifully well-written! To put it simply. A very cute and delightful read it is!

And yes, Chanyeol's legs are awesome and goes on for miles! :D crossdressing chanyeol for the fucking win whoooooooooo! :D XD

This is straight up beautiful. I've never read a fic like this and it makes me a little sad cause this is fantastic!

Wufan and Chanyeol's relationship is just ugh, my heart! My feels!

I also really liked how you threw in little things like how Chanyeol got into crossdressing, what his uniforms looked like and especially him masking his voice. Cause that thing is as deep as the Grand Canyon. Ugh, there are so many good things I want to say about this but at the same time I don't have the words.

I think this is one of my favorite fics that I've written, mostly because I liked the idea of it, so I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I just feel like Wufan is so kind and accepting of everything and Chanyeol would be the perfect candidate for crossdressing and they would just be so cute together and I just couldn't resist writing this. There were a lot of scenarios in my head of incidents for them to deal with and things Chanyeol had to face and I just had a lot of feels for this fic and I see that your feels are like my feels and thank you for bringing me back to this cause I haven't looked at it in a while!

Oh....I just had to address the issue with Chanyeol's voice because there's no getting around black hole that is his voice...it's just too deep and infinite to ignore!

This is honestly one of the greatest krisyeol fics I've ever read. Definitely adding it to my list of favorites~

Great job author!

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